Goals – You SAY you want it, but do you REALLY want it?

Goals – You SAY you want it, but do you REALLY want it?

He SAYS He Wants Big Shoulders and a Six-Pack

More and more opportunities are coming our way these days.  One of them is an increase in trial sessions at LFBX Gym.  When people come into our gym for the first time, my wife Hitomi and I like to give them a very warm welcome, by both greeting them.  A young man came in for a trial session, saying that he was interested in private training. He stated that he wanted to achieve specific physique goals, especially broader more muscular shoulders, and a six-pack.

But He REALLY Wants a Lackluster, Comfortable Approach

At the end of the trial session, we asked him which direction he would like to go in terms of training with us.  He said that he wanted to train with me to achieve his goals, but finances were an issue.  He said he would love to train with me once per week but was thinking of having a private session with me once per month and then having me create a monthly training program that he could do on his own instead.

Make What You SAY You Want, What You REALLY You Want!

Hitomi, without an ounce of hesitation, made a very poignant point to him about commitment.  She expressed persuasively, “Are you satisfied with the results that you have achieved so far on your own?”  He replied by saying, “No, I’m not.”  Then she followed with something very consequential for him to ponder: “What if you committed completely to your goals and to Bodhi’s coaching and programing once per week for 12-weeks?  If you commit fully to yourself and to Bodhi’s know-how and guidance, you can transform your body and your entire life in 12-weeks.  Of course, it will cost you more money than if you have Bodhi coach you once a month, but by committing this way, you will have undeniable results and enough momentum to continue training on your own without Bodhi’s guidance (if you decide it and commit to it).  If you go “the safe and slow route”, you will probably spend the same amount of money and you may get the same results in 12 months that you could have had within 3 months.  And the probability of more bumps along the way is high because you will only get face to face feedback from Bodhi every 30 days rather than every 7 regarding your training form, training progress, adherence and accountability to your diet – which is crucial to getting that six-pack you say you desire.  Also, the inner motivation you get from seeing your progress in the mirror and the social motivation you get from peers when they tell you about the transformation they are seeing will inspire you to keep your consistency and intensity at an extraordinary level.

The quicker you get committed and into fierce action on that commitment, the quicker the results you will see and feel yourself, and hear from those around you in the form of surprise and compliments, which will boost your motivation and drive immensely.”

100% Committed

You Have to Want to Overcome the Part of You that REALLY Wants Comfort

I was in awe of Hitomi’s powerful quake statement.  She confirmed that pussyfooting shows a lack of grit, which equals a lack of results.  She expressed the importance of doing what is uncomfortable in the pursuit of overcoming a part of yourself that you haven’t achieved yet, which in the case of our potential client seemed to be the financial commitment, time commitment and the weekly accountability.  The young man and I both knew that she was right and shook our heads in agreement with her.  Ultimately he decided not to train with us, but I believe Hitomi gave him a gem of understanding that may help him immensely.  I definitely learned something from Hitomi’s quake statement about commitment and taking fierce action now to achieve our goals and dreams.

What I REALLY Want for My Clients

First, when I have a trial session, I am committed to setting up that client for achieving their goal by or before their ideal timeframe for achieving it.  Showing them, as Hitomi so clearly illustrated for this young man and me, a brilliant strategy of overcoming their top obstacles that stand in the way of where they are on the day of their trial session to the day that their ideal goal timeline transformed self exists.

What I REALLY Want for Myself

Second, I have started using this in my own life with the #1 Project that I am focusing on achieving by the deadline I have set.  I have spent ample time making sure that I really want to achieve this goal.  It’s a 3-Year Goal, so it’s very big and will require several thousands of hours of deliberate focus, which I am very excited about. In order to break down this project into mileposts,  I have applied a model called Goal Setting to the Now which I learned from Gary Keller in his book The One Thing. Basically, I decided my 3-Year Goal (he uses 5-year goals in the book, but 3-years felt like a better fit for me), then set my 1-Year Goals based on my 3-Year Goal, then my Quarterly Goals based on my 1-Year, then Monthly Goals with stretch deadlines based on my Quarterly, then Weekly Goal (meaning this week only, so that I set deadlines only for the week ahead), then a Daily Protocol that I commit to every day that I am working.  This is proving very effective.

What Do You REALLY Want?

Do you have a goal or a dream that you have been entertaining in your head for some time?  Or even something you have been dabbling in, but just haven’t kicked up your commitment on?  I hear people say they want an amazing partner.  I hear others say they want to lose 5kg of fat.  And I hear others say that they want to earn more money.  And the reason most of these people don’t achieve their dreams is that they don’t have a strategic plan.  All of these dreams can be achieved in direct proportion to the focus and action that we take in the direction of achieving them. Please take the time and put together a strategic plan on how to achieve what you REALLY want in life.  In my experience, we can transform an aspect of our life within 1-3 months when we commit fully to it.  If you think you REALLY want to achieve something, first find out if you REALLY want it.  Once you know that you REALLY want it, the next step is to overcome the obstacles in the way.  If this interests you, let me know and I will share my take on how to approach and overcome obstacles.

If you have any comments or questions whatsoever, please leave them below.

Thank you for reading.

Be extraordinary!


Three Wines + Three Meals = Six-Pack

Three Wines + Three Meals = Six-Pack

“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.” — Bob Dylan

I get to work with really great people, for which I am very grateful.  Seiichi Minenaga is one of these really great ones that gives his all every time I see him.  He runs his own Spanish wine bar, called MyLan, in the heart of Sugamo, because that is what he wants to do.  He speaks English and some Spanish, too!  And he has a Six-Pack:-)

seiichi minenaga six-pack 1

The Decision to Have a Six-Pack

Seiichi, now in his mid-forties, made the decision to have six-pack abs, while still enjoying wine on a nightly basis.

He expressed that he wanted to have a six-pack, but because he loved drinking wine, thought it wouldn’t be possible.  I knew that he could have that six-pack if he balanced his eating more to make space for the carbs that come from wine.  Weeks passed and Seiichi diligently did his work quietly and consistently.  He came to train one day, lifted his shirt and said, “This is the first time in my life that I have visible abs!”  I was very happy to see his results and hear his words.

Proof that You Can Have Your Wine and Six-Pack, too

For people who love fine wine and still want washboard abs, here is some motivation from the mouth of a master: “I am proof that you can enjoy good wine and still have a six-pack!  Bravo Seiichi!  You can!  You can!

This photo was taken before training without any pumping up – just relaxed and au naturel.

seiichi minenaga six-pack 2

Six-Pack Conscious Eating

One big factor in getting results is by increasing one’s awareness of food.  He dropped this Wisdom-Bomb on us, “My natural intuition about food & drinks has improved, so I “know” what works for me and what does not.  The more I eat and drink in ways that work for me, the better I feel.”    He added, “I used to drink canned Chu Hai (a sho-chu based liquor), but I didn’t feel that it is natural and doesn’t make me feel good, so I don’t drink it much at all anymore.”  He is trusting his intuition and developing his Jedi feeling skills.  This is life-changing!

What works for Seiichi is eating lots of veggies, fruit such as bananas & berries, sardines & mackerel, Greek yogurt, tofu, mozuku (a vinegared seaweed) and only about 50g of white rice which he eats with natto.  He stays away from eating at convenient stores, remarking, “I don’t like to eat things like salada chicken (a packaged, high-sodium, chicken breast that is surrounded by a gelatin-like coating) from the convenience store because I think there are too many chemicals in it.”

He is right about the chemicals in that chicken.  I used to eat it often and now I never do.  My suggestion is that you learn to read packages and know which ingredients promote health and which do not.  (I am happy to write a blog on this for those interested.  Comment below if you are.)

Six-Pack Exercise Approach

Since we have a great idea of Seiichi’s approach to nutrition, I asked him to share his exercise/training secret.  He said that he exercises hard with weights and bodyweight exercises with me at LFBX Gym once per week and he exercises on his own at home doing bodyweight exercises like push-ups, ab work and single-leg bodyweight deadlifts for balance, glute and lower back strength.  This is vital.  Exercise daily!

Back Pain Be Gone!

He shared something that is true music to my ears: “I had lower back pain, but after training with Bodhi, it’s gone.”  Of course, I love to see people achieve all of their goals, AND when it’s something like back pain disappearing, that just fills me up.

Coffee?  Caffeine?  What’s the Scoop?

Since he has achieved his initial goal of attaining a chiseled midsection, I nudged him for his next goal.  He said that he loves coffee but wants to cut it because the caffeine isn’t good for him.  Coffee is a tricky subject, as some researchers say the antioxidants in it alone can add years to life.  Others say that the caffeine overload overstimulates the adrenal glands, which can lead to adrenal fatigue.  I say, truly enjoy one good cup of coffee per day; really savor it. Mark Sisson has a few great posts on coffee: The Definitive Guide to Coffee & 14 Ways to Make Coffee Healthier. If you need an extra boost during the day then go ahead and have one or two cups of green tea, matcha or yerba mate tea.  Go Green!!

Have a World-Class Glass of Wine with Six-Pack Seiichi in Sugamo

Thank you for reading about our dear friend and super client, Seiichi Minenaga.  Please visit him at his bar, MyLan, when you visit Sugamo, so you can experience his warm, chill nature, have some world-class Spanish wine, have some of his awesomeness rub off on you and perhaps get a glimpse of his abs:-)

I see Seiichi as a true success because between getting up in the morning and going to bed at night, he does what he wants to.

Be Extraordinary!