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Transform Your Life


I help goal-focused professionals optimize their health and transform their lives.  We work together as a team to achieve your health, fitness, performance and aesthetic goals.   

Every client receives the utmost care, a truly customized program focusing on mindset, training and nutrition supported by powerful accountability on their vision and goals.



Get off at Sugamo Station on JR (Japan Railway) Yamanote Line/ Toei Mita Line. It is a 5-minute walk from the Station to LFBXGYM.

Or get off at Komagome Station on JR (Japan Railway) Yamanote Line/ Tokyo metro.  It is a 10-minute walk from the Station to LFBXGYM.



We offer 3 different types of personal training to suit your needs.

Start Your Extraordinary Health Journey Today!

LFBX Events


We enjoy time together outside of the gym for special events like Thanksgiving Dinner at our place, Mt. Fuji trips, workshops and other fun get-togethers. 

Start your Extraordinary Health Journey Today!!

Here is the progression of what we will accomplish as a powerful coach and client team.


Our 1st Meeting (Trial Session)

At our first meeting, we will discuss your goals for your highest vision of health, fitness, mindset and lifestyle you have for yourself. Then we will discuss ways for you to attain those results. I will answer any questions you may have.  We will also do a training session, after the above discussion, so please make 60-minutes for our trial session.

Enrollment benefits on the day of the trial session

Clients who join on the day of the trial session will receive discount benefits.

  1. Administrative fee(¥1,100)→¥0
  2. Membership fee(¥22,000)→¥0

※You need to fill out a contract and apply 10,000 yen. (The deposit will be used for the session fee.)


1st Training Session Training & benefits

Train so that you attain your extraordinary goals!!  Then we’ll discuss details about scheduling, training start and finish times, about our VIP online community, our VIP online library of health, training and lifestyle content, and our LFBX Member Events.


We are on the journey together to achieve your goals and in order for you to achieve them, I am here to keep you accountable to them.  Before each training session, we will check in with your progress.  You can set up even more accountability through our VIP Private Facebook community.

Course Adjustments

As you move forward, day by day, week by week, we may find places to adjust your course in order for you to attain the best results.  This will require your honesty and commitment to the plan.

Extraordinary Results

Following the plan, with weekly accountability and necessary course corrections and commitment, you will be able to achieve extraordinary results, which will result in further happiness and health, which are two vital pieces to an extraordinary life.

Highly recommended 90-Day Transformation packages

I work with you 2-4 times per week, where we get laser-focused on your goals.  I customize a detailed plan to get you from where you are today to the transformed you 90-days later.  We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages to suit your needs.   Please have a look and contact me to book a complimentary call to discuss the details.


Barely 6 months in, I feel much better across the board:

less fatigue and shoulder/back pain, as Bodhi not only built up my strength (which has gone up massively as well, from 25kg benchpress to 50kg ), but also the flexibility of my muscles; and Bodhi and Hitomi also helped me figure out how I can change my diet in ways that work with my schedule and working life without just sacrificing what I like, by subtle, sustainable – but effective – changes in my everyday lifestyle.

Totally customised totally worked for me. Absolutely recommend

Markus Winter

Founder and Co-CEO of Yuzukyodai,

What can I say, the reality lives up to the promise. Bodhi is great to work with, extremely knowledgeable, provides practical and effective training for people at all levels. The gym is clean and well stocked. Perfect for small group and individual sessions. Most importantly, though, he keeps the sessions fun. Long term is the key to success in health and training and having an enjoyable, warm and super friendly place to do it makes all of the difference. I cannot recommend highly enough to anyone considering starting or getting back into the gym!

Andrew Brown

If you are looking for an amazing trainer who can speak English LFBX Gym is definitely the place! I’v tried many gyms all around Tokyo from big franchise gyms to small private trainer gyms and have never been satisfied with the results i was trying to achieve. Bohdi is a great and experienced trainer with an amazing background, every session has been a blast and he really pushes me just enough to be able to reach my gym goals! So far iv been training with him for 10 months and continuing!

Chris Lee

It has been a year since I began training at LFBX. From the time of the first trial, I enjoy training every session. My trainer explains to me about each exercise and how it helps me.  I never get tired of training at LFBX because we do a different kind of circuit every time. Also, I participate in group training and all the people I meet are good people. In addition to training, my trainer gives great advice on meals and lifestyle improvements.  I tried improving eating habits that he taught me and lost about 7 kg in 3 months! It is fun to get results!  I recommend LFBX!

Reika Hashimoto

Bodhi as a personal trainer is indispensable to my workouts. He has taught me to train smart, safe and effectively, and I’ve seen real gains. It’s a great feeling when others notice the changes and compliment you on how you look. Bodhi brings a lot of knowledge to the program and is a really enjoyable person to be around. Highly Recommend!

Peter Gomm

I had been an occasional gym goer for years. I never really knew what I was doing, but I knew I wanted to be in better shape. At some of the gyms I joined they offered personal trainers. Unfortunately, they never felt like they were actually invested in helping me get to where I needed to be. Too clinical, too robotic, and too cold. Bodhi is a personal trainer who actually wants to get the results you are looking for, and will stick with you every step of the way. Bodhi will check in with you via message or email to see how you are doing. There is a genuine level of concern for your well being with Bodhi. His personal training is truly one of a kind, and I have a healthier and stronger body to thank for it.

Bob Werley

Check out our recent podcast titled "Improving Fitness and Health While Stuck at Home" with the brilliant Matt Stone. It's packed with positive energy and healthy tips for challenging times like these. We have two simple exercise videos below that you can use to strengthen your upper and lower body in minutes a day that only require your body, the floor and a wall. Enjoy!


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6 Steps to Get Your Walk On

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