Lifelong Friendship

Tuesdays are holidays for us at LFBX Gym.  Spring came early and the weather started to get warm, so we were so excited to go to the beach and enjoy the ocean and the warm sun and breeze.  AND all of the Tuesdays in May were either cold or rainy, so we patiently waited.   June came around and on our first day off in June, we were blessed with sunny weather and extraordinary company.  We spent this auspicious day with my dear friends Mark and Tatsumi in Chiba.  Mark and I worked together at an amazing company called World Family.  I was able to tour around Japan with my boss, mentor and best friend, Mark for a little over 8 years.  Our friendship is precious to me.  He is an amazing guy who uplifts hundreds of thousands of people every day.  He also loves to cook some amazing vegetarian fare. This is a photo of us in oven mitts on his oceanfront mansion.

We took a bus from Tokyo in the morning and arrived close to his place within about 90 minutes.  Immediately he took us to a fruit and vegetable market where all of the produce was picked that morning.  It was packed with local people buying goodies.  Then we went on a hike in a valley, filled with rice fields, that was so green and filled with the freshest country air.

After a short drive, we went to his place to relax and enjoy slow conversation and this beautiful flower arrangement that was made especially for us.

We have a tendency to get pretty goofy at times and this was one of those times.  Silliness without a drop of sake!

Mark and Hitomi were able to meet officially for the first time and got along perfectly from the get-go!

Mark’s vegetarian feast was DIVINE!!!  He made a huge salad filled with fresh, local veggies and avocados.  He also made a home-made veggie-meat filled penne with tomato sauce.  The veggie meat is Mark’s “Ancient Akronian Secret” recipe; a Buckeye Favorite.  I am only eating raw foods at the moment, so I enjoyed the aroma of that savory, cooked creation and enjoyed my Mega Salad filled with avocado – you can see it at the top left of this photo.

Time slowed down while were were there and we realized that just a little over an hour out of our home in Metropolitan Tokyo, there is a warm, peaceful haven with two angelic friends that we can visit and enjoy life with in the near future again.

Thank you Mark and Tastumi for your love, kindness and many gifts.  You made our year!