LFBX Superhero-7 HIIT Bodyweight Circuit

LFBX Superhero-7 HIIT Bodyweight Circuit

The Superhero

I have the privilege of working with Chris Lee to help him transform his body and mind into the true superhero that he is.

We are using several movements that Chris requested from his boy, Thor Himself, Chris Hemsworth.

This is a very high-intensity interval training program with a focus on bodyweight movements.

The Movements

There are 7 movements:

  1. Walking Switchbacks
  2. Deep Squats with a Twist
  3. Bear Crawls
  4. Reverse Lunges with a Forward Knee Kick
  5. Gorillas
  6. Hanging Straight Leg Raises
  7. Athletic-Stance Medicine Ball Wall Dribble

The Interval & Timing System We Use

The interval between movements:

20 seconds of work/5 seconds of rest for a total of 2:55 minutes per round.  I am using the Bit Timer app, because it’s quick, simple and effective.


The Number of Rounds Performed in One Training Session

We focus on completing 7 rounds per session.  On days that takes him longer to recover between sets, we may only get in 6 rounds max.

The Intensity – 80-100% Max Heart Rate Focus

This is very high-intensity work, so we are aiming for 80-100% max heart rate on this LFBX Superhero Circuit.  A simple formula to obtain this is 220 – age and Chris is 26 years old, so that equals 193 bpm (beats per minute).  So we want to aim for a max range of about 193 and at the very least 154 bpm, as that is 80% of 193.

The Rest – 60% Heart Rate = Start the Next Round

Now, for the rest period.  We will not start the next round until his heart rate drops to 125 bpm (beat per minute), as that is 60% of his max heart rate and that gives him just enough recovery to be able to give his all to the next round.  I love this rest interval because it is smart and honest.  I highly recommend that for really hard interval training like this, you use this system.  Get your heart down to about 60% of your Max before starting the next round. 

*Since Chris is a True Superhero, his heart rate sometimes goes to 195, which is 101%:-) This is true, so just be aware that the 220 – age formula doesn’t always apply to superheroes

A Note on Recovery

When Chris’ sleep and recovery is on point, sometimes he recovers within 2:00 between sets.  On days where he’s off, he may require 4:00-6:00 for his heart rate to drop to 125 bpm (60% of his max heart rate).

The Chart We Use to Track Progress

We use this simple excel chart to track progress for each session.  HR = Heart Rate.  We are aiming for 80-100% effort, so his target heart rate ranges from 156-194 beats per minute.  The Seven Exercises are printed in the order we perform them and all the results are logged.  

The Gear I use to Track Heart Rate

I use a Polar FT7 which comes with a chest strap, which is about 10 years old.  My wrist is 48 years old at the time of this photo.

Here is a new Polar H10 at Amazon USA.  The Polar H10 is just a heart rate monitor that connects with your smartwatch or smartphone.  It’s about half the price of the model I am using above, so I recommend you buy the H10.  My old FT7 is still working, that’s why I’m still using it.  Here is a review of the best 7 chest strap heart rate monitors for your information.

If you want to know more about how I use my Heart rate monitor for Sprint Training, which is an absolute game-changer for health, see this previous post.  I also do a brief comparison of how I use my Apple Watch vs my Polar FT7 here in this post.

Measurable Results with LFBX-7 HIIT 

Here is an accountability form I use for all clients to show their attendance and any goals they may have to keep in mind each time we meet.  I recommend that clients get their waists measured each time they come in for training because sometimes there may be no weight lost, since there is muscle gained, so the waist shows clearly that fat is coming of the midsection.  Look at the fat that came off of Chris’ midsection between 5.1.2019-8.3.2019 below.  9.5cm of fat loss off the waist! 

Visual Results with LFBX-7 HIIT 

Chris Lee – In the beginning

Chris Lee


Chris Lee


Other Things that Chris Is Doing to Achieve His Superhero Transformation

It is important to know that Chris has dialed in his diet to match his tastes and what his body can handle.  We have found out through trial and error, that even with very little starch (wheat, corn and rice), he gains fat very easily.  So we have learned to eschew anything that resembles starch in his diet, He is incorporating a 24-hour water fast once per week and also a Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF) Eating approach to accomplish this, mainly eating Big Green Salads, Meat, Fish and EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil).  If you want to know more about how to do 24-hour fasting, see my post here.

Do You Want to Join the Ranks of Superheroes?

If you do and have a few months or more of solid training under your belt, give this a shot.  It works!  Here is a video of Round One of Seven.  Enjoy!


If you have any questions or comments, please them below.

Thank you for reading.

Be Extraordinary!




The Joy of Walking: Sugamo to Ginza

The Joy of Walking: Sugamo to Ginza

Walk on the Wild Side

Tuesdays are our day off at LFBX and on that day, I don’t go into the gym and I don’t train intensely outside.  It’s my thing.  The other six days of the week, I train intensely for 20-30 minutes – usually very intensely.  It makes me feel good and each training session is usually focused on one movement, such as the Deadlift on a lower-body day or heavy Supine Straight-Arm Cable Pullovers on an upper-body day. Recently I like doing 5 x 5 Training which is basically 5 rounds of 5 reps with a 2-minute rest between rounds.   The reason I like it is that it’s simple and it’s hard.  It’s just one exercise, which keeps it simple.  The training intensity is at about 87% of my 1 rep max, which makes it hard.   When I complete 25 total reps, the next time I train that specific exercise, I move the weight up by 2.5kg (5.5lbs) on barbells and 5kg (11kg) on cable movements.  Deadlifts, being complex and on the heavy side, take longer to warm up on, so this 5 x 5 Deadlift Training below took me 26 minutes to complete. The 34-seconds video below is of one round and the weight I’m lifting is 97.5kg (214lbs).

The Supine Straight-Arm Cable Pullover is by far my favorite exercise this month.  It rocks the upper body –  the abs, lats, traps and shoulders.  I highly recommend it.  Doing it in the supine position (lying on your back) prevents any kind of cheating, so it’s highly effective. It’s excellent for swimmers, water polo players, and surfers as it mimics the butterfly and freestyle arm stroke. I’m using 50kg (110lbs).


That’s it on “Hard Stuff”.  Let’s move on to the “Fun Stuff.”

Walking on Sunshine

Since Tuesday is my day off from work and training, I have all the time in the world to hang out with my cheerful wife Hitomi.  This week we decided to go for a semi-long walk.  The Tokyo autumn weather was more like summer weather minus the heavy humidity, so it was absolutely gorgeous.

We decided to eat the best hamburgers we know in Tokyo, which is Bareburger in GinzaLFBX’s Designer Extraordinaire, Chris Lee, introduced us to it earlier this year.  He also introduced us to The Gucci Store on the day he took us to Barebuger.  He made me wear this $10,000 outfit and made Hitomi as happy as a clam by having her try on an outfit she really liked.  Perhaps I’ll share more about this story on another day:-)

Bodhi Kenyon Gucci   Hitomi Kenyon Gucci

Across the Metropolis

We left our house in Sugamo around 10:20 am, headed down Hakusan-dori Avenue for about forty-five minutes and passed Tokyo Dome.  We continued on through to Jimbocho passing many universities, book stores and eating establishments.  Then we approached the Imperial Palace and walked around the moat until we reached Ginza.  It was a beautiful walk on a perfect day.

Hitomi Kenyon, Bodhi Kenyon, SugamoTokyo Dome

The Imperial PalaceGinza Skyline

How Many Steps Does It Take to Get from Sugamo to Ginza?

We arrived at Bareburger just before 12:00, so it took us about an hour and forty minutes to get there.  We had a guessing contest as to how many steps we took.  Hitomi said she thought it was less than 9,000 steps.  I guessed that we took about 10,000 steps.  My Health app on my iPhone said 9,444 steps.  I didn’t look at the kilometers at the time, but according to Google Maps below, it was 7.9 km (4.9 miles).

sugamo to bareburger in ginza

Walking Fast or Fasting Walk?

I generally fast between 14-18 hours every day, and my last meal on Monday ended at about 5:30 pm, so I by the time we arrived at Bareburger, I hadn’t eaten for 18.5 hours, so I was feeling quite hungry.  Also, Hitomi and I haven’t had beef in about six months, so this was a real treat!  Since I am focusing on an LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) eating style, I forwent the hamburger bun.  Hitomi got her burger on a salad, which is actually an option on the menu – similar to the Chipotle Salad Bowl concept.

Bareburger Ginza

Notice Hitomi’s knife-mark through her burger – she couldn’t wait to eat. Also, notice who’s portion is larger:-)

We ordered them rare, and man, we were raring to eat!  They were so good!!!  They get our highest recommendation.

Get Your Walk On, People!

We also recommend that you get out there every day, especially in the early hours to GET YOUR WALK ON for 20-30 minutes, especially before you eat or drink any calories.  A few reasons why we highly recommend daily walking:

  1. It’s just good for you and you know it:-)
  2. It’s easy on the joints and doesn’t have to be “hard” to be effective.
  3. It gets you outside in the early hours which has been proven to set your circadian rhythm so that you sleep more deeply at night.
  4. It gets you some Vitamin D from the sun, which increases your immune function, strengthens your bones, increases your energy and lifts your mood if you suffer from anxiety or depression.

Walking as a Daily Way to Connect & Disconnect

We walk virtually every morning for 20-30 minutes as a break from work.  It’s good to do on your own as a break or an active form of meditation.  If you are in a relationship, it’s an excellent way to connect with your partner, by holding hands, talking or just being together without a computer screen, TV screen or cell phone screen in front of you.

Walking Geek-Tips

Here’s an inside tip on walking that I do when I walk alone.  I only breathe through my nose and try to increase the pace to where nasal breathing is challenging.  This is not only invigorating, but I can also get my heart rate up between 60-70% of my max heart rate, so it serves as a solid cardio, fat-burning, sweat-inducing workout without the strain on the joints that running can cause.  I use nasal breathing when I run as well, as it acts as a governor (speed limiter) that keeps me from running too fast and too hard.  It keeps me right in the sweet spot.  Give these a shot if they tickle your fancy.

Do the Walk of Life

To wrap it up, please get out and walk daily.  Just do it.  It can potentially add enjoyable years to your life.  If you are in Tokyo or are coming to visit in the future and like burgers, Bareburger, is great.  If you are living in New York, that is where the original Bareburger is.  They also have vegan options on their menu.

If you have any questions or comments, leave ’em below.

Have fun Walking, Fasting, Eating and Enjoying Life.

Be Extraordinary!




朝起きてから夜寝るまでの間に自分が本当にしたいことしていれば、その人は成功者です。――Bob Dylan




















富士登山 LFBXイベント

富士登山 LFBXイベント


LFBXGYM の公式イベント”富士登山”での非常に多くの新しくて爽快な経験をこのブログで共有できることをとても嬉しく思います。


mt. fuji fujisawa

私達が富士登山のイベントの案内を出したのが、7月の中旬だったので多くのクライアントにとって夏休みの調整をするには遅すぎるかもしれないと思いましたが、LFBXGYM全員のクライアントを誘ってみました。興味がある 数人のクライアントは予定が合いませんでした。クライアントの1人 Peter Von Gommは、富士登山を2回経験していたので、富士登山は十分だと言いました。もう一人のクライアントのDaisukeは会社のイベントで4回も富士登山に行ったことがあるときいて驚きました。他の 2人のクライアントは参加を希望しましたが、都合の良い日程が違ったため、私たちは1人を選択する必要がありました。土曜日の日帰りより、木曜日からの1泊2日なら混雑が少なく、スケジュールに余裕があると考えて、8月29日(木)から出発し、8月30日(金)に帰ってくるツアーに決めました。深谷泰誠、Hitomiと私の非常にエキサイティングな冒険が始まろうとしていました。



すべてが決まりました!泰誠は必要なすべての登山用具を持っていると言いましたが、Hitomiと私は持っていなかったので、二人はザック、登山靴、登山用雨具、ストックを含むすべての道具を頭からつま先までレンタル(¥5000)することにしました、それはとてもありがたいサービスでした。 登山の日が近づくにつれて、私たちは非常に興奮していました。

dried fruit

旅行の前夜、私たちは服、水、食べ物を準備していました。 3776メートル(12388.45フィート)で非常に寒くなることがあるので、念のために余分な暖かい服を持ってきました。彼女と私は食べ物の好みが異なるため、彼女はナツメヤシやお気に入りのイチジクなどのドライフルーツを用意し、

climbing mt. fuji keto

私はLCHF ダイエットからケトジェニックダイエットに移行していたため、ナッツとサンフードマカパウダー、サンフードヘンププロテインおよびハイオラックの調合物を2つの容器に入れ、ピンクのヒマラヤ岩塩マグネシウムカリウムのサプリメントは、電解質のバランスを保つために持っていきました。私の食事は高脂肪なので、主食として、生のマカダミアナッツ、ローストアーモンド、クルミ、カシューナッツを持ち込みました。




mt. fuji bus ride



下の写真は、富士から約90分の休憩所である足柄Expasaからの富士山。 シュールな雲の形に注目してください!? 富士山の上にはU.F.Oが来ているようです。

climbing mt. fuji ufo

時間の経過と共に富士山に近づき、富士山はどんどん大きく見えました。私とHitomiは山のふもとで登山用具をレンタルしました。私たちがレンタル用具を試着している間、泰誠はバスでゆっくりしていました。 Hitomiと私のレンタル品のサイズは完璧にフィットし、突然本物の登山家に変身したように感じました。ほとんどの必要な物をレンタルできたのには本当に驚き、私たちの興奮はどんどん高まっていきました。

 sunrise tours gear



beautiful married couple


mt. fuji clouds



 3 stooges

富士山の最愛のマスコット、フジッピと一緒にかっこいい写真を撮りました。 そして私たちが新宿に戻る前に、5合目のお土産屋さんで少し時間を過ごしました。

climbing mt. fuji taisei, hitomi, bodhi

climbing mt. fuji fujippi




 blast shinjuku


泰誠と私はトレーニング中に仕事や私生活についてよく話すので、この話を聞いてとてもうれしかったです。彼の最大の情熱はプロの脚本家になることでしたが、最近それを実現する方法を見つけられなかったために落ち込んでいると、以前話していました。これはすごいチャンスです! 「これは泰誠のチケットです。脚本家になれることを教えてくれたサインです!」彼は微笑んで、私たちが彼を応援していることに満足していると言った。彼が劇をレビューし、それについて書くためにメディアの人々が何人か来ていたと付け加えました。泰誠の輝かしいチャンスです!私はこの機会が彼にとても早く来て、とても短い時間で完了する必要があることをとてもうれしく思いました。それは彼がその脚本に完全にコミットし、彼の情熱と夢に全力を尽くすことを可能にします!