Using Your Smartphone as a Supplement

Using Your Smartphone as a Supplement

What Do you Mean by Smartphone as a Supplement?

These days there are supplements for virtually everything.  Health supplements come in the form of pills, powders, tinctures, and drinks.  Some supplements are for beauty, some are for health, and some are for virility.  My cabinets used to be ‘Supplement City’, filled with all sorts of proteins, BCAAs, vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc, but now I am virtually supplement-free.  I don’t even have pain-killers, like ibuprofen or aspirin in my house anymore, as I don’t need them.  I have learned to eat in a way that optimally supports my body and mind, so I don’t rely on supplements anymore.

The way I look at supplements is the way I endeavor to look at my smartphone.  It is something I didn’t own or even need when I was a kid or even when I was in my 20s.  iPhone rolled around when I was 37 in 2007 and I have been using one ever since.  After using my iPhone for many years, I realized it became an addiction of sorts, as I was constantly connected to the world and when I got “likes” or messages on social media, I would feel a dopamine surge.  I realize now that I don’t need these dopamine rushes as I did before.  My iPhone is there to supplement my life intelligently and as minimally as possible.  I like to keep things simple.

Can You Remember Life Without a SmartPhone?

I’m sure some of you can remember the days when smartphones weren’t a part of daily life.  I admit that I love the convenience and the variety of features on my iPhone.   I also love that I am able to put it away or shut it down when I want to.

Younger generations may not understand why anyone would want to completely turn off their connection with everything good in the world like Instagram, YouTube and the like.  However, most Gen X and some Millennials may be able to relate to what I am sharing here.

Noise-Less Environment

I know that some very creative and prolific people thrive in an environment where there are movement and an exchange of energy between people around them.  An example of this is JK Rowling who wrote the Harry Potter series.  She is known to have written most of her work in a café in Edinburg, Scotland.  For me, I don’t have any issues with people being around me, but I do my best work in utter silence.  So when I am traveling or working outside of my cave, I would probably need the assistance of some top-notch noise-canceling headphones to get my deep work done properly.

Notification-Less Lifestyle

I am 100% open to people who love their pinging notifications.  That’s just not my jam.  I find it very distracting, so my notifications are always off.  I let people around me know that if they need me quickly, they’ll need to use “the phone part of their smartphone” and call me.  I’ve noticed that these days people hesitate to call, which makes me smile because it’s cute and considerate.   It’s like they don’t want to bother you.  However, it’s not effective if you want someone’s attention right away, especially someone that doesn’t check their messages for hours at a time like me:-)

My Early Morning Smartphone Approach

My iPhone kindly wakes me up every morning.  I put at the other end of my apartment so I have to really get up to turn it off.  When I wake up in the morning, I don’t check my iPhone for emails or social media.  That is not what I want to look at first thing in the morning.   I find that I am most productive in the early hours, so I get to work on fun projects first thing.  After I finish a project or two, I look at my emails and messenger to see if there are any messages that need my attention and attend to them.

My Evening Smartphone Approach

There is so much cutting edge research these days on how vital good sleep is to balancing all other aspects of life, such as cortisol levels, stress, cravings, mood, productivity, etc.. Matthew Walker, Max Lugavere and Dr. Rangan Chatterjee  are guys I respect and trust to be sharing well-researched, honest and helpful information.  They all share that in order to get the deepest sleep, it is best not look at our cell phones or computer screens before bed.  I do my best to turn off all screens (pc and cell phone) about an hour before I go to bed.   I even like to turn off all the lights in my home about thirty minutes before sleep and light up a few candles.  When I do this and bedtime rolls around, I generally fall asleep within seconds.

Smartphone Holidays

Currently, I take off one full day per week on Tuesdays.  And the last few days of each month, my wife and I take a 2-3-day Holiday.  During those days, I would like to turn off my smartphone completely and sometimes I can garner the courage to do so.  There are other times I can’t.   It can feel like I am cutting out the rest of the world with such an audacious action.   It’s almost like I have a heroic responsibility to be available through my cell phone.   Do any of you have that same strange feeling of duty?  Perhaps it’s just a fear of missing out on a call or opportunity.  I’m not sure.

There are times that I do shut it down and I feel better for doing so.  It’s a form of completely relinquishing ‘that’ out there.

Smartphone Siesta

Do you feel that you are too attached to your smartphone and social media?  If so, do your best to give it a rest sometime.  Give it a Smartphone Siesta and see how liberating that can be.  See if you are addicted to it or not.

Smartphones are wonderful, no doubt.  There are also many great things you can do in the world that are outside the realm of the Stupendous Smartphone.

Be Extraordinary!






腹囲と身長の比率は、あなたの健康レベルを予測するための迅速、安価で簡単な方法です。 最近の研究により、腹囲と身長の比は、BMIよりも心血管の健康リスク、高血圧、インスリン抵抗性、および2型糖尿病のより正確な予測因子であることが判明しています。



BMI =体重(kg)/身長(m)x身長(m)。

BMIは身長と体重のみを考慮しているため、体脂肪を測定する非常に不正確な方法です。 以下に、体重2.3 kg(5ポンド)の脂肪と筋肉の例を示します。

これが美しい女性です。 彼女は体脂肪を減らし、筋肉を増やさなければ、体重が減っていたでしょう。 彼女は脂肪を減らしながら筋肉を付けていったので、彼女の体重は同じままでした。

Madalin Giorgetta

Madalin Giorggettaは、脂肪よりもはるかにコンパクトな筋肉が体にあることの完璧な例です。 この写真では、体重と身長は同じですが、左の写真では体脂肪率がはるかに高いため、BMIが不正確であることも証明しています。


腹部肥満は、過度の腹部脂肪に起因します。腹部脂肪は、内臓脂肪と皮下脂肪の組み合わせで、 心血管疾患、アルツハイマー病、2型糖尿病のリスクがある人。 腹囲と身長の比の測定は脂肪がつきやすい腹囲を用いるため、腹部脂肪は直接測定されます。


  1. 巻尺、メジャーを用意します。こちらを参考にしてください。
  2. 食後は避け、空腹状態で測ります。いつも同じ時間に測りましょう。起床後、体重を測るときに一緒に測ると忘れにくいです。
  3. 足を肩幅に開き、腕を下ろします。
  4. おへその断面が床から平行になるように測ります。注)ウエストの位置とは違うので気を付けて下さい。
  5. 息を吸った後、息を吐いた時に測りましょう。





私は美しい妻をモデルとして使います。 彼女の腹囲は65.5cm(26インチ)、身長は157cm(5フィート)なので、腹囲を身長で割ります。66÷157=0.417から数値を取得し、それを四捨五入して0.42とします。

Hitomi Kenyon’s 0.42 Waist-to-Height Ratio ranks her as extremely thin:-)


目指すための最初の目標は、0.5以下です。 健康であると見なされるには、ウエストを身長の1/2以下にする必要があります。 健康は、LFBXで目指しているものです。

水着で人々にギャフンと言わせたければ、おそらく0.43を目指す必要があります。 上記のチャートの「細くて健康」のカテゴリーは、私が並外れたものだと考えています。


Be Extraordinary!


A Brad Pitt Lesson on Attacking Your Target

A Brad Pitt Lesson on Attacking Your Target

Attacking Your Target

We all have targets in our lives.  We call them goals, dreams, and aspirations.  Some of us know exactly what we want in fine detail.  Some of us kind of know what we want, but haven’t clarified exactly what it is.

I suggest that you spend some time with a pen and paper or on a word document and figure out your target.  Have fun with it. Choose a target that would transform your life the most.  Everyone will have a different target, so trust that the specific target that you choose is accurate.

Your target can change over time, but for now, choose one that moves you the most.  Commit to a worthy target that stretches you and makes you feel uncomfortable.  Attacking your target is by no means easy, but will make you a better human being for it.

My target is to take daily action on at least one task that is very hard, yet will move my life and business forward most powerfully.  Right now, that is migrating my website from to  It’s the most uncomfortable thing for me to do today, but long-term, this action will make my life, my client’s lives and my business significantly better.

Target-blocking Obstacles

I believe that most of us want to attain our targets, but so-called obstacles get in the way.  These obstacles are usually fear-based. There could be a fear that the target is unattainable.  Maybe there is a fear that the work may just be too hard and desired results may take too long to achieve.  For some, there may be a fear of putting their reputation on the line, where they might experience failure, which could hurt their ego.

Another obstacle is the desire of clinging to comfort.  Challenging targets require us to grow beyond where we are now, so they are naturally hard and uncomfortable.  It would be like going from a warm, comfy bed with big fluffy pillows to sleeping on the hard floor, pillowless, in a constricting sleeping bag or going from taking hot showers to only cold ones.   We, humans, tend to like it comfortable.

The Ordinary Approach to Attaining a Target

Because of our desire to cling to comfort and run from fear, we usually approach our goals, dreams, and aspirations very slowly.  We talk about them.  Our flights of fancy come and go, imagining what life would be like actually realizing our dream.

There are some of us that actually do something to hit our target.  Of course, we are all different in our approaches, but the majority of us take more time than necessary to attain our goals.  Projects, that if focused on intently could be done in one day, may take an entire week to complete.  Or something, like losing 5kg (10lbs) of fat, that could easily be accomplished in two months, may take us a year or more to achieve.

The Brad Pitt Approach to Attacking a Target

Now we get to the Extraordinary Way to Attaining Targets!  And our spokesman for this way is none other than Brad Pitt, who plays the role of the Hero Achilles in the movie Troy.

This is a scene from the movie Troy which beautifully and succinctly expresses how to fearlessly and immediately attack a target without an ounce of hesitation when we commit to it.

I love this scene because it demonstrates how we can run, full speed ahead toward our fears, minimizing the time and toil between what we are aiming for and the actual achievement of that aim.   Being a hero is hard.  It’s uncomfortable and there is a chance of losing, so it requires ample courage and self-belief.

Tatoo Achilles’ Hero Mindset to Your Brain and Tackle Your Target!

Achilles Attacking Your Target

Once you have clarified your target, call forth your inner Achilles, go straight to the battlefield and attack!!

Share your journey and comment below.

Be Extraordinary!


Waist-to-Height Ratio: The Quickest Health Check Around

Waist-to-Height Ratio: The Quickest Health Check Around

Waist-to-Height Ratio is a Powerful Indicator of Health

Waist-to-Height Ratio is a quick, inexpensive and easy way to predict your level of health.  Recent research has determined that waist-to-height ratio is a more accurate predictor of cardiovascular health risk, hypertension, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes than BMI. 

Waist-to-Height Ratio is More Accurate than BMI?

For clarity, BMI (Basal Metabolic Index) is a way of relating your height and weight to know if you are underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese.

BMI= weight (kg) / height (m) x height (m).

BMI can be a very inaccurate way to measure body fat, as it only takes into consideration height and weight.  Here is an example of a mass of fat vs a mass of muscle, both weighing 2.3kg (5lbs).

Here’s what it can look like on a beautiful woman.  If she had just lost fat, and not gained some muscle, she would have lost weight.  Since she gained muscle while losing fat, her weight remained the same.

Madalin Giorgetta

Madalin Giorgetta

Madalin Giorggetta is a perfect example of how much more compact muscle is on the body than fat.  She also proves in this photo that BMI is inaccurate, as her body fat percentage is much higher in the photo on the left although her weight and her height are the same.

Waist-to-Height Ratio – Why It’s Superior to BMI

Abdominal obesity sometimes referred to as central obesity results from excessive abdominal fat (belly fat), which is a combination of visceral fat (fat around the internal organs) and subcutaneous fat (fat underneath the skin) that has built up to a level that puts one at risk for cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease and type 2 diabetes.  Since the measurement of waist-to-height ratio is made at the waist, abdominal fat is measured directly.


How to Measure Your Waist

If the instructions above are confusing, just measure around your navel in a straight line around your back.  If you don’t have a measuring tape, you can purchase one like this

How to Calculate Your Waist-to-Height Ratio
Once you have your measurements, write them down and plug them into this calculator.
Waist to Height Ratio Calculator

If you want to do the calculation yourself, here is the formula: Waist/Height

I will use my beautiful wife as a model. Her waist is 65.5cm (26 inches) and her height is 157cm (5 feet) so we divide her height by her waist 66/157 and get 0.417 and round that up to 0.42.


Hitomi Kenyon’s 0.42 Waist-to-Height Ratio ranks her as extremely thin:-)

What’s the First Goal to Aim for?

The first goal to aim for is 0.5 or less.  You want your waist to be 1/2 or less of your height to be considered healthy.  Healthy is what we are aiming for first at LFBX.

If you want to knock people’s socks off in a swimsuit, you’ll probably need to aim for around 0.43.  The Slender and Healthy Category in the chart above is what I consider extraordinary.

Please give it a shot and comment if you have any questions or you want to share.

Be Extraordinary!






急な坂道を10秒間全速力で走るスプリントの様子について簡単に投稿したいと思います。 このタイプのトレーニングの要点に興味がある人は、この詳細な投稿を読んでください。


難しいことではないことを示すことで、スプリントをするようにあなたを奮い立たせたいと思います。 必要なのは、信頼性の高いランニングシューズ、安全に走れるスロープ、タイマーなどです。

これは、8ラウンドのうちの1ラウンド15秒のビデオです。 丘の斜面は急勾配であるため、速度を出すのが難しいことがわかります。 これにより、関節の強度が高く安全に保たれます。 このビデオを最初に見たとき、実際に走っているスピードがどれほど遅いかに驚きました。私自身は、できる限り多くの速度、パワー、エネルギーを出しているように感じます。


東京の午前10時頃のスプリントは忙しくなります! 今日のTRACKに何人の人がいたかと考えると面白いなと思いました。 1300万人がすむ東京中心部で通常多くの人が起きている時間帯に急な脇道でスプリントをすることができることを示しています。 2,400万人の都市である上海に良い丘があるのだろうか。


「スプリント」について私から直接聞いている人もいますが、それを試みることを恥ずかしがっている人もいます。 上記のビデオからわかるように、それは本当に簡単で、スプリントの速度を選択できます。 最大値の約60%から開始し、毎週約5〜10%ずつ引き上げます。 1〜2か月で実質的に100%の速度になります。 メリットはあなたの人生を変えることです!


Be Extraordinary!