Goals – You SAY you want it, but do you REALLY want it?

Goals – You SAY you want it, but do you REALLY want it?

He SAYS He Wants Big Shoulders and a Six-Pack

More and more opportunities are coming our way these days.  One of them is an increase in trial sessions at LFBX Gym.  When people come into our gym for the first time, my wife Hitomi and I like to give them a very warm welcome, by both greeting them.  A young man came in for a trial session, saying that he was interested in private training. He stated that he wanted to achieve specific physique goals, especially broader more muscular shoulders, and a six-pack.

But He REALLY Wants a Lackluster, Comfortable Approach

At the end of the trial session, we asked him which direction he would like to go in terms of training with us.  He said that he wanted to train with me to achieve his goals, but finances were an issue.  He said he would love to train with me once per week but was thinking of having a private session with me once per month and then having me create a monthly training program that he could do on his own instead.

Make What You SAY You Want, What You REALLY You Want!

Hitomi, without an ounce of hesitation, made a very poignant point to him about commitment.  She expressed persuasively, “Are you satisfied with the results that you have achieved so far on your own?”  He replied by saying, “No, I’m not.”  Then she followed with something very consequential for him to ponder: “What if you committed completely to your goals and to Bodhi’s coaching and programing once per week for 12-weeks?  If you commit fully to yourself and to Bodhi’s know-how and guidance, you can transform your body and your entire life in 12-weeks.  Of course, it will cost you more money than if you have Bodhi coach you once a month, but by committing this way, you will have undeniable results and enough momentum to continue training on your own without Bodhi’s guidance (if you decide it and commit to it).  If you go “the safe and slow route”, you will probably spend the same amount of money and you may get the same results in 12 months that you could have had within 3 months.  And the probability of more bumps along the way is high because you will only get face to face feedback from Bodhi every 30 days rather than every 7 regarding your training form, training progress, adherence and accountability to your diet – which is crucial to getting that six-pack you say you desire.  Also, the inner motivation you get from seeing your progress in the mirror and the social motivation you get from peers when they tell you about the transformation they are seeing will inspire you to keep your consistency and intensity at an extraordinary level.

The quicker you get committed and into fierce action on that commitment, the quicker the results you will see and feel yourself, and hear from those around you in the form of surprise and compliments, which will boost your motivation and drive immensely.”

100% Committed

You Have to Want to Overcome the Part of You that REALLY Wants Comfort

I was in awe of Hitomi’s powerful quake statement.  She confirmed that pussyfooting shows a lack of grit, which equals a lack of results.  She expressed the importance of doing what is uncomfortable in the pursuit of overcoming a part of yourself that you haven’t achieved yet, which in the case of our potential client seemed to be the financial commitment, time commitment and the weekly accountability.  The young man and I both knew that she was right and shook our heads in agreement with her.  Ultimately he decided not to train with us, but I believe Hitomi gave him a gem of understanding that may help him immensely.  I definitely learned something from Hitomi’s quake statement about commitment and taking fierce action now to achieve our goals and dreams.

What I REALLY Want for My Clients

First, when I have a trial session, I am committed to setting up that client for achieving their goal by or before their ideal timeframe for achieving it.  Showing them, as Hitomi so clearly illustrated for this young man and me, a brilliant strategy of overcoming their top obstacles that stand in the way of where they are on the day of their trial session to the day that their ideal goal timeline transformed self exists.

What I REALLY Want for Myself

Second, I have started using this in my own life with the #1 Project that I am focusing on achieving by the deadline I have set.  I have spent ample time making sure that I really want to achieve this goal.  It’s a 3-Year Goal, so it’s very big and will require several thousands of hours of deliberate focus, which I am very excited about. In order to break down this project into mileposts,  I have applied a model called Goal Setting to the Now which I learned from Gary Keller in his book The One Thing. Basically, I decided my 3-Year Goal (he uses 5-year goals in the book, but 3-years felt like a better fit for me), then set my 1-Year Goals based on my 3-Year Goal, then my Quarterly Goals based on my 1-Year, then Monthly Goals with stretch deadlines based on my Quarterly, then Weekly Goal (meaning this week only, so that I set deadlines only for the week ahead), then a Daily Protocol that I commit to every day that I am working.  This is proving very effective.

What Do You REALLY Want?

Do you have a goal or a dream that you have been entertaining in your head for some time?  Or even something you have been dabbling in, but just haven’t kicked up your commitment on?  I hear people say they want an amazing partner.  I hear others say they want to lose 5kg of fat.  And I hear others say that they want to earn more money.  And the reason most of these people don’t achieve their dreams is that they don’t have a strategic plan.  All of these dreams can be achieved in direct proportion to the focus and action that we take in the direction of achieving them. Please take the time and put together a strategic plan on how to achieve what you REALLY want in life.  In my experience, we can transform an aspect of our life within 1-3 months when we commit fully to it.  If you think you REALLY want to achieve something, first find out if you REALLY want it.  Once you know that you REALLY want it, the next step is to overcome the obstacles in the way.  If this interests you, let me know and I will share my take on how to approach and overcome obstacles.

If you have any comments or questions whatsoever, please leave them below.

Thank you for reading.

Be extraordinary!


Fresh & Delicious Lemonade that Can Zap A Cold Fast

Fresh & Delicious Lemonade that Can Zap A Cold Fast

Lemonade Fast

When you are experiencing the symptoms of a fever, the flu, GI issues or allergies, or you are just feeling off physically, please give this Lemonade Fast a try. It does wonders for allowing the body to heal while giving it enough nutrients to support the healing process.

How to Make Healing Lemonade

1. Cut one fresh lemon in half – always use fresh fruit
2. Juice ½ and store the other 1/2 in plastic wrap
3. Add ½ to ¾ tablespoon of pure maple syrup (make sure that it is 100% maple syrup)
4. Pinch of cayenne pepper (increases warmth, adds extra vitamin C and B-complex vitamins – optional)

Combine the lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper in a 300-500ml (10-16oz) glass and fill with purified water – it can be warm or cold.

Save Time by Making 1 Liter (1 Quart) in Advance

  1. 1 ½ lemons squeezed
  2. ½ cup of maple syrup
  3. Cayenne pepper to your desired heat preference (optional)
  4. Fill the rest with water

fresh-squeezed lemonade

Can I Drink or Eat Other Things When I’m on this Lemonade Fast?

You are always free to do what you want, but if you want the immune-boosting, cleansing effects of this simple and delicious remedy to heal your body, drink only this lemonade.  In fact, drink as much and as often as you like.  And when your cold, flu, GI issues or allergies lift, you are free to go back to eating your normal diet, but please do your best to focus on eating more real foods in their natural state and decrease eating processed foods.

A Few Words on Lemonade and Tooth Enamel

Some of my clients have made drinking this lemonade a daily habit, especially first thing in the morning.  If you are drinking lemonade every day or feel sensitivity in your gums and teeth when drinking it, please take note of the points below.

  • Use a straw because it sends the juice to the back of your mouth, away from your teeth.
  • As soon as you finish your lemonade, rinse your mouth with tap water. This normalizes your saliva, which helps to remineralize your enamel.
  • Wait an hour before you brush your teeth. Acids soften the enamel, and brushing softened enamel can damage it.

Can I Lose Weight Just Drinking this Lemonade?

You certainly can. I have even used this as a 1 day fast when I felt good and just wanted to give my body a day of rest from digesting heavier foods.  Give it a shot if it resonates with you.  This lemonade fast can be done for 1, 2, 3 or up to 10 days easily.


Be Extraordinary!



Sprinting- An 80-Second Total Life Upgrade

Sprinting- An 80-Second Total Life Upgrade

Sprinting Builds Character

Sprinting full out is hard.  It’s something I aim to do once a week but haven’t done in a while.  Yesterday as I was taking a shower my mind said, “Bodhi, we are sprinting today.”  I realized that the Master (Big Me) had spoken and that is what the disciple (little me) was going to do.  My daily commitment is that I don’t play until my work is done, so I fit the sprint in the afternoon.  When it came time to getting my running shoes on, I dilly-dallied, paced around in my kitchen, which is about as long as I am tall, and fidgeted with whatever I could get my hands on until I heard the Master firmly nudge me, “Get out there and get it done.”  So I acquiesced, put on my running shoes and headed out.

Sprinting 8 Rounds

I jogged about 5 minutes to my sprinting spot near Komagome station and did some dynamic stretching for about 5-minutes then did 2 rounds of 10-second sprints at about 60% of my max speed up the hill.   The first 2 felt pretty good because they were at 60% effort.  I had decided to do 8 rounds of 10-second sprints followed by a 60-second, active recovery, rest which was basically a slow walk back to the start line.  Here is the course.  The slope of the hill starts from the right to the left in this photo, so the start line is the far right of the red line.

Here is me before the 8 Sprints at the bottom of the hill near the start line.

Bodhi Kenyon Sprinting

I’m listening to David Goggins, the toughest man alive on Spotify to remind me that 100% is the goal for each round.  I am using an app on my iPhone called Bit Timer, which I love for its simplicity and ease of use. It costs $1.99 (¥200-300), but I highly recommend it.  Here are the settings I used.

The actual total work on this particular sprint protocol is only 80-seconds – 1 minute and 20 seconds. Only 80-seconds!?  Seems like a piece of cake, until you give those 80 seconds 100% effort.  And 100% effort is the way I do it.

Once a Week is Enough

Some people may read this and be gung ho to do sprints 3 times a week.  If you’re in very good shape, strength training, running or doing other strenuous exercises, you may be able to handle it.  But I recommend it only once per week.  The reason for this recommendation is to commit to quality above quantity.  My aim is to give 100% effort to each of the 8 rounds.  However, I don’t believe I am operating at 100% yet.  I feel that I am giving my utmost to each round, but my heart rate reading indicates that I am performing at about 92% of my maximum heart rate.  I can’t say that this is 100% accurate but it appears to be close.  At 48 years old, my max heart rate should be around 172 beats per minute (bpm) and 94% of that would be 161bpm, which is what my heart rate monitor tracked as my highest bpm out of the 8 rounds.  The rest I used to give myself was 90-seconds between rounds, which is 30-seconds more rest per round that I gave myself here, so I believe iI will have much better recovery between sets. I am going to do that next week and share my results.

If you want to calculate your max heart rate, use this general formula (220 – your age = your max heart rate).  I am 48, therefore 220-48 = 172.  So looking at the photo above you can see that 172 x .94 = 161.68, which is close enough to 161.  Here’s a calculator if you want to check your max heart rate and target heart rates.

Side Notes on Safe Sprinting

Benefits of running up a hill are numerous.  It’s a full-body explosive form of strength training.  Even when you start at 60% of your maximum speed, you will probably experience muscle soreness the next day and possibly for several days afterward.  The soreness will show you which muscles you used the most or which ones you haven’t exerted in a long time.  I am about 48 hours out from the sprint I did in this blog and my calves, hamstrings, quads (thighs), glutes (butt), middle traps (between my shoulder blades) and biceps are all sore.

Hill Sprinting is much easier on the joints as you can’t generate the same amount of speed as you could on a flat surface.  The hill I use near Komagome station is probably on about a 20% angle.

I have seen crazy steep hills in Tokyo that I would like to sprint up in the near future.  If you know of one, please share a google map shot of it.  If it’s safe, fairly straight and not too far away, I’ll give it a go and write about it:-)

Finding Your Own Mini Mountain to Dominate

Look for a street that is on an angle of between 10-20%. If you have a grass or dirt hill near you, that would be even better, as the softer surface will be easier on your joints.  Another option is sprinting on the soft sand at the beach, which is very hard because your feet slip so much on loose sand, but it’s very kind to the joints.  In the case of the beach, you don’t need a slope.

Wanna Join Me?

If you feel that you are in good shape and are exercising hard at least once a week for over 30 minutes, live in Tokyo, and want to join me, comment below and I’ll do my best to match my schedule to yours.  It will have to be in the afternoon between 2-5 pm, so a weekend may work best.  The total time investment of the warm-up, the sprints and cool down will only take 30 minutes max. You can practice with me at the Komagome spot (see photo above).  It’s probably 70 meters long.  If you are new to sprinting, I will ask you to go at about what you feel is 60% of your max speed.

Know that I am not a running coach, so if you join me, you are 100% responsible for your actions.  I will guide you in a way that I believe is safe, effective and intelligent.  And of course, the only fee you will pay is the energy you put forth in terms of calories.  In other words, there is no fee to do this training with me. I am inviting you as a service to your health, growth, longevity, and happiness.

Thank you for reading.  I look forward to comments and questions.

I am very excited to meet YOU, the salt of the earth, who is bold, excited to stretch your limits and join me at the party on the hill:-)

Be Extraordinary!





脂肪を減らし、より健康になる方法を探している場合、そしてそれらを達成するための単純なアプローチ「オンまたはオフ」のアイデアが好きな場合、24時間ファスティングを週に1回または2回することを強くお勧めします。 「オンまたはオフ」アプローチとは、ファスティングをしている(つまり、カロリーを摂取していない)「オン」の状況であるか、通常どおり食事をしている「オフ」の状況であることを意味します。



  • 水またはスパークリングウォーター:私は体のミネラルバランスを保つために1リットルの水にピンクのヒマラヤ岩塩を小さじ1/4入れて飲みます。
  • ノンカロリーのお茶またはブラックコーヒー:砂糖、牛乳、クリームにはカロリーがあるため、ノンカロリーのお茶かコーヒーを選んでください。




私は2017年の夏の間にこれを数ヶ月間行い、優れた脂肪減少の結果が得られました。 私が優れた結果と言う理由は、その夏、私はこれまでの人生よりも多くのピザを食べ、ハンバーガーを食べ、ビールを飲みましたが、週に2回24時間ファスティングしたので、体脂肪率は 11%と私の筋肉量は良かった。

東京の郊外にあるウォーターパーク、東京サマーランドでのショットです。 私はこの日のために自分の体を作ったわけではありませんでした。

Bodhi Kenyon

Bodhi Kenyon


下の写真は彫刻のように筋肉が見えている点でより印象的かもしれませんが、このレベルまで脂肪をなくすことは何ヶ月もの間フルタイムでのトレーニングが必要であり、フィジークの大会で入賞を目指さない限りお勧めしません。 この下の写真については、健康的なライフスタイルからかけ離れて「Pump Myself Up」を実行したことを認めます:-)

Bodhi Kenyon physique

上の写真の体格に必要な作業は24時間年中無休で、私は常に食べ物の夢を見ていました。 東京でのフィジークコンテストの準備として、この体格を作りあげるために、私は超高蛋白質、中程度の炭水化物、超低脂肪の食事を何ヶ月も食べていました。 それは多くの点で素晴らしい経験でした。 ただし、数か月間口に入れるすべてのものを測定してカロリー計算することは、ライフスタイルとして機能しません。 今私は、よりリラックスしながら、おいしいくて、自然な、健康重視の食事を楽しんでいます。



  • ファスティングする日を決めましょう。
  • 例えば、月曜日の午前10時にファスティングを開始する場合、火曜日の午前10時まで食事を控えます。
  • ファスティングが不安な場合は、ファスティングの時間を12時間から始めて、その後1~2時間づつファスティングしている時間を長くしていきます。


  • 12時間のファスティングの場合、午後7時にファスティングを開始し、翌日の午前7時から再び食事をすることができます
  • ファスティングが終わったら、いつもの食事に戻りましょう。


週に2回  24時間ファスティングを行うときのアプローチ方法



ダイエットの効果 ー 1週間に1〜2日のファスティングが1日のカロリー削減に与える影響





1日あたり平均2,000 kcalを食べる女性が24時間ファスティングを行った場合
週1回:1日あたり250 kcal削減
週2回:1日あたり500 kcal削減
1日あたり平均2,500 kcalを食べる男性が24時間ファスティングを行った場合
週1回:1日あたり313 kcal
週2回:1日あたり625 kcal
「オフ」の日に食べ過ぎない限り、脂肪が減ります。週に1回24時間断食しても脂肪が減らない場合は、「Gird Up Your Loins」そして、週2回24時間ファスティングします。結果はあなたを待っています。結果はすぐに表れます!



  • この食事は、2017年の私の場合はピザ、ハンバーガー、ビールなどの高カロリーの食べ物を食べたり飲んだりし続けたいが、筋肉を維持しながら体脂肪を失いたい又は維持したアプローチです。同じような人に特に適していると思います 。
  • シンプルな方法が好きな人。
  • いつも食べ物について細かく考えることを休憩したい人。



  1. できます。
  2. 直ぐに始められます。
  3. とても簡単です。
  4. 始めるために購入するものはありません。サプリメントもガイドもありません。
  5. 自分の意志をテストします。
  6. このアプローチをさらに詳しく知りたい場合は、Brad Pilonの本EAT STOP EATを読んでください。

読んでくれてありがとう。 あなたからのコメントをお待ちしています。

Be Extraordinary!




24-Hour Fasting for Fat Loss

24-Hour Fasting – A Very Simple On or Off Approach

If you are looking for a way to lose fat and gain a multitude of other health benefits and like the idea of a simple “On or Off” approach to achieving them, I highly recommend 24-hour fasting once or twice per week.  What I mean by an “On or Off” approach is that you are either “On” the fast where you are not consuming any calories or “Off” it and are eating as you normally do.

You Have Three Options When You Are “On” the Fast:

  • Water – purified or sparkling water
    • I put ¼ tsp of pink Himalayan salt in each 1ltr of water I drink for electrolytes.
  • A non-caloric tea or black coffee
    • This means no sugar, milk or cream in them as they have calories and will break your fast
  • Apple cider vinegar mixed with water

How 24-Hour Fasting Worked for Me in Terms of Fat-Loss and Muscle Maintenance

I did this for several months during the summer of 2017 and had excellent fat-loss results.  Why I say excellent results is because, during that summer, I ate more pizza, ate more hamburgers and drank more beer than I ever have in my life, but since I did 24-hour fasting twice per week, my body fat percentage was around 11% and my muscle mass was good.

Here are some shots at Tokyo Summerland, which is a waterpark on the outskirts of Tokyo.  I didn’t Pump Myself Up for these photos.

Bodhi Kenyon Bodhi Kenyon

I worked on my diet for 34 hours per week (48 total hours minus the 7 hours I slept each night during the fast) for about 2 months to achieve the above results.

Although the photo below may be more impressive in terms of being shredded, to attain this level of leanness was a full-time job for months and months and I don’t recommend it for health or as a lifestyle unless you are competing in a physique competition or your goal is to reach extreme levels of leanness.  For this photo, I admit, that I did “Pump Myself Up”:-)Bodhi Kenyon physique

The work I needed to put into the physique of the photo above was 24/7, as I even dreamt of food constantly.  I was on a very high-protein, medium carbohydrate, and very low-fat diet for months to achieve this physique in preparation for a physique contest in Tokyo.  It was a great experience in many ways.  However, measuring and calculating everything that goes into my mouth for months at a time doesn’t work for me anymore as a lifestyle.   Now I enjoy a more relaxed, delicious, whole-food, health-focused approach to eating.

How to Do the Diet When You are “On”

  • Choose the day you will do the fast.
  • If you start it at 10:00 am on a Monday, you will refrain from eating until 10:00 am on Tuesday.
    • In the case that fasting scares you, start at 12 hours and each subsequent fast, add an hour or two until you reach 24 hours.
      • In the case of a 12-hour fast, you could start the fast at 7:00 pm and eat again from 7:00 am the next day.
    • Drink as much water, coffee, tea as you like.
      • If you like apple cider vinegar, add about 1TBS to every 500 liters (16oz) of water
    • When you break the fast, go back to eating as you normally would.

How to Approach the Diet When You Do 2 x 24-Hour Fasts Per Week

  • Make sure that you give yourself a 48-hour “Off Window” between your 2 x 24-hour “Ons”
    • To clarify, this means that if you do you fast between 10:00 am on Monday until 10:00 am on Tuesday, then you wouldn’t go back “On” another fast until, say, 10:00 am on Thursday until 10:00 am on Friday.
  • Experiment and find what days and times work best for you and go for it.

Why This Diet Works – Looking at How One or Two Days of Fasting Per Week Affects Daily Calorie Deficit

  • It works, because each time you fast, you are going into a caloric deficit
  • If you decide to do a 24-hour fast once per week, it works out to approximately a 12.5% deficit in calories over a week’s time. Twice per week would be about a deficit of 25% calories over a week’s time.
    • Breaking that down into a daily caloric deficit, here are the numbers:
      • For an average female eating 2,000 kcals per day, that a DAILY caloric deficit of:
        • 250 kcals per day if you do a 24-hour fast once per week
        • 500 kcals per day if you do a 24-hour fast twice per week
      • For an average male eating 2,500 kcals per day, that a DAILY caloric deficit of:
        • 313 kcals per day if you do a 24-hour fast once per week
        • 625 kcals per day if you do a 24-hour fast twice per week
  • As long as you don’t gorge (overeat) on your “Off” days, you will lose fat. If you are not losing fat on one 24-hour fast per week, “Gird Up Your Loins” (old school for “man/woman up”) and fast twice per week for 24-hours.  The results are waiting for you and they come pretty quick!

Who May Like This Approach

  • I believe that this diet is especially good for people who know they want to continue eating and drinking high-caloric foods that they enjoy – such as pizza, hamburgers & beer in my case in 2017 – yet want to maintain or lose body fat while retaining muscle.
  • People who really want to keep things simple.
  • People who want to have a break from thinking about food all the time.
    • You may realize great time freedom to do other fun and productive things during the times you used to spend on eating or just deciding what to eat.

Why I Like This Approach

  1. It works.
  2. It works fast.
  3. It’s very simple.
  4. There is nothing I need to buy to get started – no supplements, no guides, no BS.
  5. It tests my will.

If you want to dig deeper into this approach, grab Brad Pilon’s book EAT STOP EAT.

Thank you for reading.  I’m here to help and look forward to any comments you may have.

Be Extraordinary!